Assessing Academic Performance Fairly and Objectively

Show employers your true potential

A CASE certificate gives employers a simple, yet remarkably reliable measurement of your long-term performance throughout your academic programme.

Evaluate your degree – objectively and fairly

The CASE algorithm looks past the raw numbers, generating your CASE Score using data science and machine learning tools to accurately compare you with other graduates in the UK.

Demonstrate your specialist skills

Is someone looking for your particular talent? The CASE Subject Score compares you with other graduates in your field across the UK, showing where you stand within your discipline.

Get connected with top employers

Graduates with a top CASE Score will be invited to join the CASE Job Network, where we put members into contact with employers looking for high-potential talent in their area of expertise.

This is Sophie. Although she worked hard and performed well during her studies, she was in a very competitive programme and so was marked very harshly. This meant that upon applying for her dream job, her application was automatically rejected - with her Upper Second Class degree she seemed “worse” than other candidates with a First Class mark, owing to the simple measures many firms use to screen their flood of applicants. Despite her years of hard work Sophie was unfortunately removed from the hiring process early on, even though almost no one in her course received high enough marks to meet this standards.

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Companies obviously don’t have the information to tell the difference between such cases – but we do. CASE puts your note into context: we know how good your classmates were, and we know how harshly you were graded. Knowing this, we find the real value of your academic performance, enabling a truly fair and objective comparison with other universities, subjects, grading standards and graduation years. Many businesses already use our CASE Scores instead of trying to interpret raw grades and academic background. We know from experience: a good CASE Score increases your chances of getting the interview for the job of your dreams!

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