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This page outlines information about the usages of cookies all through, together with our Privacy Policy. It can also be used to change your choices depending on which cookies you want us to be able to use during your visit.

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Cookies from Third Parties

If you decided against the extended usage of cookies, no cookies cookies from third parties - with the exception of Google Recaptcha - are used. If you agree with the extended cookie usage, we activate a number of services by third parties, which can also store cookies in your browser. At the moment the following third party services with impact on cookies are in use on

Name Company Purpose Further Information
Facebook Pixel Facebook Inc. Facebook Pixel is used to analyze a users behaviour on this site and to individualize the advertising experience of a user on other pages bsed on their behavior. Link
Google Ads Google Inc. Google Ads is an advertising management and placement service of Google LLC. Link
Google Analytics Google Inc. The Google Tag Manager is used to organize the integration and management of different third party scripts and services on this website. Link
Google ReCaptcha Google Inc. Google ReCaptcha collects a variety of data in order to assure that a website is used by a human, as opposed to an automatized computer script. Link
Google Tag Manager Google Inc. Google Analytics is a tracking tool made by Google LLC that serves to track analyze user behaviour and compile usage statistics of websites. Link